On November 13th, 1921, Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood and the first United States birth control clinic, was arrested in New York for her part in the First American Birth Control Conference.

In her honor, we designate this November 13th the first annual Birth Control Day, a holiday commemorating the choice not to be a parent. While we have nothing against parents, or even children for that matter, we encourage you and your significant other to celebrate the ability to fornicate to your heart's content without procreating. And if in your celebrating you end up using a Sir Richard’s condom, know that you're using a prophylactic free of harmful chemicals like spermicide, parabens and glycerin. In addition, for every Sir Richard’s condom purchased by discerning people like yourself, a condom will be contributed to someone in a developing country.

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November 13th is Birth Control Day. Send a note thanking your partner[s] for not breeding.